Resort requirements and what to bring

All Dog & Cat Guests MUST be up to date on vaccinations with a certificate from your current Veterinarian.
DHPP+Rabies for Dogs and FVRCP+Rabies for Cats is a minimum.

We HIGHLY Recommend Bordetella Vaccine to prevent Kennel Cough done 14 days before boarding date Note:Kennel Cough has MANY strains so even with the vaccine your pet can contract a strain of it
just like you can pick up a cold being out in a public forum.
The Bordetella vaccine will only help in the prevention.

We also Highly Recommend a flea prevention regime for your pet's own protection.

Please if your pet is under the weather, consult your vet and us before booking your vacation.
What to bring:


Copy of the vaccine certificate

Food for your pet

Medications and instructions

Owners message
Not mandatory for your pet's stay but it is very important to consider the pros in spaying and neutering your dog and cat. Currently we have millions of animals in North America homeless and piling up in shelters. Many of them pure bred.